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Friona Economic Development Corporation and Chamber of Commerce

The Friona Economic Development Corporation (FEDC) promotes economic development with the City of Friona and is complementary to the Chamber of Commerce. But how are the FEDC and Chamber different? The FEDC focuses on long-term growth for the city by trying to attract new businesses. The Chamber of Commerce helps promote those businesses already established within the city. Both organizations work synonymously to help keep businesses thriving.

The Cheeseburger Capital of Texas


Friona is centrally located in the middle of beef, wheat and dairy country. Cheeseburgers showcase all three of these industries. In 2006, the first Cheeseburger Festival and Cookoff was held, with Texas State Representative Warren Chisum in attendance. Chisum encouraged the attendees to write letters asking the state to designate Friona as the Cheeseburger Capital of Texas. More than 300 letters were written, and in June 2007, Governor Rick Perry made it official. The festival is held the third Saturday in July in the Friona City Park.

Cattle and Dairy Industries

Friona is located in Parmer County, in the panhandle of Texas, with more than 40 cattle feeding operations within a 50 mile radius. We rank first in the state for milk production, with 16 dairies in our immediate area. We have two cheese plants within 100 miles. Both facilities have a combined production of approximate one million pounds of cheese daily.

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Farming is a cornerstone of the local economy. There are three grain elevators and one cotton gin in close proximity. Major products grown include wheat, grain sorghum, corn and cotton.



2018 EDC Meetings

February 20, 2018                                                 Agenda                      Minutes
March 21, 2018                                                     Agenda                      Minutes
May 16, 2018                                                         
Agenda                      Minutes
June 26, 2018                                                       
 Agenda                      Minutes
August 29, 2018
Agenda Minutes
September 25, 2018
Agenda Minutes
November 6, 2018
Agenda Minutes



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