Zoning is the legal and administrative process whereby the city protects itself against indiscriminate land uses. The power to zone is conferred upon Texas cities to promote the health, safety, morals, and general welfare of the public, and to protect and preserve places and areas of historical, cultural, or architectural importance and significance.

The purpose is to lessen congestion in the streets; to provide safety from fire, panic, and other dangers; to provide adequate light air; to prevent the overcrowding of land; to avoid undue concentration of population; to provide and facilitate adequate provisions for transportation, water, sewage, schools, parks and other public requirements.

The commission has the power to makes rules, regulations, and bylaws for its own government, which shall conform as nearly as possible to those governing the city council (board of commissioners) and same shall be subject to approval by such commission.

Wind Towers

It is unlawful to build, place and/or construct any windmill, wind generator, wind turbine, and tower or similar structure which for purpose of this section, shall collectively be referred to as “wind towers,” anywhere within the city limits, in excess of eight feet in height unless conditions and specifications of this section are met.


Roddy Berend (re-appointed 2-2018, term expires 12-2019)

Carroll Cook (re-appointed 2-2018, term expires 12-2019)

Doug Kelly (re-appointed 2-2018, term expires 12-2019)

Holly Campbell (re-appointed 2-2018, term expires 12-2019)

Andy Montana (re-appointed 2-2018, term expires 12-2019)



September 17, 2018 Agenda Minutes
October 16, 2018 Agenda Minutes