Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber of Commerce promotes the community and local businesses within Friona. 
Contact: (806) 250-3491


FRiona Economic development CORPORATION (FEDC)

The purpose of the Friona Economic Development Corporation is to promote, assist, and enhance
economic development in accordance with the Texas Development Corporation Act of 1979. 
Contact: (806) 250-3491


FRiona independent school district (FISD)

FISD is the public school system in Friona and consists of four campuses. The school is in the Class 3A classification. 
Contact: Main Office (806) 250-2747


Friona Star

Friona Star is the local newspaper and provides Friona with weekly news regarding day-to-day activities and information. 
Contact: (806) 250-2211


Parmer County

Carved from the famous XIT Ranch in 1907, Parmer County encompasses 882 square miles bordering
New Mexico in the south-central Texas panhandle. With a population of just over 10,000, our
county includes the communities of Friona, Farwell, Bovina, and Lazbuddie.
Contacts: County Clerk - Gerri Bowers (806) 481-3691
County Tax Assessor/Collector - Awyna Sanchez (806) 481-3845


Parmer County Sheriff's Office

Parmer County Sheriff's Office is located in Farwell, Texas and provides law enforcement services
for the areas of the county which includes Friona, Farwell, Bovina, and Lazbuddie. 
Contact: County Sheriff - Randy Geries (806) 481-3303


Parmer Medical Center (PMC)

Parmer Medical Center is the local medical facility that provides care for people in need from around the area. 
Contact: (806) 250-2754