Utility Information

If have any questions or concerns about services please contact the City Office at (806)250-2761, Monday- Friday, 8 AM - 5 PM.

To pay a utility bill please come to the City Office, Monday- Friday, 8 AM - 5 PM. We take cash and card

You can also ask about setting up an automatic payment

If you are experiencing an emergency water leak please contact the City Office or if after 5 PM contact the Friona Police Department at (806)250-2711.

The 2018 Consumer Confidence Report for Public Water System has been updated (water report)

Utility Services Water and Wastewater Service Provided by the City of Friona

Average Monthly Charge of $68.30 (includes first 2 thousand gallons)

New Service Call (806) 250-2761

Water Outage Call (806) 250-2761

Sewer Blockage Call (806) 250-2761

After 5pm and on Weekends Call (806) 250-2711

Water Charge Breakdown:

Customer agrees to pay the City of Friona the following monthly charges, which are determined by the City Council.

Base Rate 5/8" meter

Water (0-2,000 gal)                                 $22.00                                                   Water used over 2,000 gallons is billed per

Sewer                                                       $25.00                                                   1,000 gallons used at an additional charge

Trash                                                        $18.75

Tax                                                           $1.55

*Voluntary Donation                                 $1.00        

Minimum Monthly Bill                       $68.30                                                   

*Voluntary donation is used for the parks maintenance & may be deducted from bill if you choose not to pay it.


                        Water meters are read around the 20th of each month and bills are due on the following dates.

Total bill Due 1st of each Month

 10% Penalty added if not paid by 10th of each $35.00 reconnect fee plus current bill will be required to restore service if disconnected.

Trash and Waste Collection

Provided by Republic Services

For questions regarding trash and waste service, please call the City at (806) 250-2761

Other Services

These are services who provide to the City of Friona, however, the City Office of Friona does not take payments nor sets up these accounts.

Gas Service

Provided by Atmos Energy


New Service

(888) 286-6700

You may also apply for gas services online here

Gas Emergency

(866) 322-8667

Electric Service

Provided by XCEL Energy


Electrical Outage


Residential Customer Service


Business Customer Service


Builder's Call Line


Call Before You Dig


Local Phone, Cable and Internet Phone, Cable and Internet Service

Provided by WTRT Services


Call (806) 364-3331

Phone and Internet Service

Provided by Windstream


Call (855) 446-1939