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Public Works Department handles parks, water, sewer, streets, animal control as well as everyday needs of the community. Public Works provides a broad range of services for the public to ensure the safety of the community. They respond in a moments notice being a reliable department for the City of Friona. 

Salvador Garcia Public Works Director

Salvador Garcia
Public Works Director

Contact: Salvador Garcia - Public Works Director. Cell: (806) 346-2673 City Office:(806) 250-2761

Staff:      Javier Huerta-Parks & Streets
              Jose Samarron-Water Production
              Jonathan Salsman-Water Production
              Richard Samarron-Wastewater
              Skyler Harris-Animal Control

Permits: To get a permit for building (home edition), plumbing, electrical, gas, roofing, and HVAC (heating and cooling) you can contact Public Works Director, Salvador Garcia.