Animal Control

Skyler Harris, Animal Control

The Friona Animal Control is under the direction of Skyler Harris.

Please notify the City of Friona through the form at the bottom, call at (806) 250-2761, M-F, 8 AM - 5 PM, or if after hours please contact the Friona police Department at (806) 250-2711. Please include a description of the animal along with where and when you spotted the animal.


  • If the animal seems to be aggressive, call the City Office or the Friona Police Department immediately.

  • How much does it cost to get my animal out of the pound?

    $175 in fines with the judge plus $60 with the City Office

  • Can I request cages, if so how much does it cost?

    You may request cages, however due to high number of stray animals, they may not be available at the time. This is a free service.

    If you are wanting to surrender your animal to the City of Friona, please contact the Friona City Office for more information

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Requester's Address
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If you are not certain if your animal is in the pound, you are welcome to send us a message here as well
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