Building Standards Commission

3 Appointed Members with 2-year terms (Expiring in November of every other year)

Alderman Greg Lewellen

  • (appointed 11/12/2018)

  • (expires )

Alderman Brent Loflin

  • (appointed 11/12/2018)

  • (expires )

Mayor Ricky White

  • (appointed 11/12/2018)

  • (expires )

Duties of the Building Standards Commission

The commission hears any case brought to it concerning substandard Buildings, and makes a ruling as to whether such Building is a public nuisance and whether such Building or structure should be repaired, vacated and/or demolished, or other remedies.

The Building Standards Commission of the City of Friona consists of three members of the city council. All cases to be heard by the commission shall be heard by a panel of at least three participating members. The Commission members are appointed by the mayor to serve one year. The mayor also appoints any substitute panel member when necessary or convenient. The City Secretary acts as an ex officio, nonvoting member and the Secretary of the Building Standards Commission. Each year, the commission selects a member of the commission as the chairperson.

Rules and Procedures

(1)            Three members of the commission are required to constitute a panel quorum and the simple majority vote of those panel members present is necessary to take action under this ordinance.

(2)            A commission member having a personal or financial interest in a matter before the commission shall excuse himself from the discussion and the vote on that matter. Should a tie vote result on that matter, then that matter shall be reset for another hearing, with new notices, before a different panel of the commission. If the mayor reasonably determines that all or a majority of members of the city council are conflicted as to a pending matter at the commission, such that no commission panel is possible without having a conflicted member, then the conflict is hereby deemed to be waived and the matter shall proceed to a hearing with all designated panel members participating in the hearing and decision. 

(3)            The secretary to the commission shall make a record of all proceedings of the commission, which shall set forth the particulars of the matter before the commission, the decision rendered by the commission, the reason for the said decision and the vote of each member participating therein.

(4)            The commission chairperson or city secretary may call meetings of the commission when necessary to rule on a case brought before it regarding a substandard Building, as provided in this ordinance.

(5)         The commission shall establish such other rules and procedures it deems necessary for the election of officers and the conduct of its business.